60 North Market 
2 Bed / 2.5 Bath

  • Currently Leased
  • Built in 2008
  • Located downtown
  • $2,700 per month
  • Very accessible View Details

43 Madison 
2 Bed / 1 Bath

  • Currently Leased
  • Built in 1917
  • 5 blocks to downtown
  • A fantastic backyard
  • $1350 per month View Details

23 Ramoth
2 Bed / 1 Bath

  • Currently Leased 
  • Built in 1925
  • 10 blocks to downtown
  • Fully renovated in 2007 
  • $1400 per  month View Details

516 Clearview Terr.
2 Bed / 1 Bath

  • Currently Leased
  • Built in 1937
  • 10 blocks to downtown
  • Fully renovated in 2009!
  • $1100 per month View Details

30 Congress St.
3 Bed / 1 Bath

  • Currently Leased
  • Built In 1927
  • 2 miles to downtown
  • Renovated in 2008
  • $1075 per month View Details

Welcome! The properties referenced on this site are quality homes offering a quality living experience for those interested in being in downtown Asheville or in close proximity to downtown. All properties are leased under a year contract. The homes listed are not intended for sale.

I love animals.  Unfortunately, they are tough on homes, so I am unable to allow pets in any of the properties.  No exceptions, please.

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The City of Ashevile and the Asheville Chamber of Commerce websites provide a wonderful introduction to the area.  After living in many parts of the world, I discovered that Asheville is the place I feel most at peace and at home.  I hope you'll find Asheville home as well.
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